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1.  Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing (also known as affiliate marketing) is a form of online business almost like a collaborative model. With this form, you can find distributors of products that support affiliate, sign up and promote their products, you will be commissioned.

For example, if you make an affiliate for, you must register with Amazon Associates, after which you will be able to advertise any Amazon product and when a customer buys through your link. Called affiliate link), you will be commissioned.

Commissions can range from 4-8%, up to 10% in some special categories if you sell

Revealed the affiliate model accounts for 40% of total revenue for amazon, so let’s imagine how terrible people affiliate war. And besides amazon, there are thousands of other businesses, networks deploying this model and you can start at any site.

That is the physical product, and with digital products, the commission can be up to 50-100%. For example, you can go to Muncheye to see the product coming out, of course there is an affiliate for you to do.

As stated from the beginning, this article is only for those who make money online as themselves as publisher, so I just point out the benefits that affiliate marketing gives the publisher.

The first and most important benefit is that affiliate marketing can help you make money without the effort to create products or have your own product. There are dozens of thousands of available networks available for you to choose from.

The second benefit is the ability to make money with affiliate marketing is extremely high. In the United States or other English-speaking countries, there are many people earning more than $ 100k per month. Some affiliate blogger millionaire followers like Pat Flyn, Harsh Agrawal, Chris Lee, … and a lot of other individuals.

The other major advantages when you do affiliate marketing are:

You can work anywhere like other forms of online money, with just one computer with internet connection.
No need to take care of customers (or very little), no need to worry about shipping, delivery products to customers. These jobs are the responsibility of the person who creates the product.
You can start with a low cost, even with a few hundred thousand that you can invest time, effort into learning and start making money with affiliate marketing.
Diversification options: Many affiliate middleware grows and they are the ones who bring popular affiliate marketing, referrals to shop owners, resellers … so you will have a lot of products to choose from. in many different ways, including short and long term. When making an affiliate through the network, all billing issues, performance statistics will always be transparent.
Replication, passive income: When you make an affiliate and know how to make money, the more you improve your skills and you can replicate what you do, hire the management team, so you have 1 Very passive income

There are many different ways to make money with Affiliate, depending on the field, each product. However, I will say the first four steps to make money with affiliate as follows:
Identify promotional products

There are now many different affiliate networks, popular & famous such as:

Physical Products: Amazon Associates, CJ, Shareasale, Linkshare, …
Product number: Clickbank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus, …
CPA Network: Peerfly, MaxBounty, CPALead, …

Analyze & plan promotions

This must be an important step that your base is only sketchy. You notice that you sell products to others, but you have to see it as your product, help you make money, so you have to carefully analyze the following;

Products with high or low commission
The product will sell to whom, what their needs
Draw the customer portrait (avatar), buyer journey (buyer journey).
Product is good or not, there are many users do not
Affiliate competition is high
The main way to earn customers
If you are a website and SEO, you have to choose keywords. If you run ads, then towards which object, ..
How to build a website?

From what you analyze, you will have a specific direction and conduct the promotion in the direction of the line. For example, low commission physical products can not run ads with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, it is best to choose the direction of budget savings as SEO (search engine)

If you build a blog to earn affiliate money then start the first set, like learning how to make a website with WordPress, how to research keywords & build content.

If you choose advertising by running ads, conduct research on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, … or other large advertising networks.

For example, faucetmag is a blog specializing in faucets, water tanks. And they earn very well with affiliate marketing for amazon:

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